Current Exhibition in the Astley Farmhouse - Halls of Chorley more information
New Exhibition Opens 11th November - The Changing Face of Chorley's Pubs

This exhibition celebrates the town’s rich history of public houses and reflects upon their rise and fall and the new uses to which those buildings are now being put. Whilst the industrial revolution led to significant expansion in the town from the 1760s onwards in 1793 there were still only fifteen pubs in Chorley and it was legislation... more information

Standish Descendant Visits Chorley

Chorley Heritage Group recently hosted a visit made to Chorley by Mark Hammond, from California. Mark can trace his ancestry to the Standishes of Duxbury. Mark visited Chorley at the invitation of Tony Christopher, who researches the Standish families of Lancashire. Mark has been a frequent user of Tony’s website... more information

Current Exhibition – “Chorley’s Commercial Past”

“Chorley’s Commercial Past” has been added to the permanent “History of Chorley” exhibition in the Chorley Heritage Centre. The exhibition focuses on Chorley’s businesses of the past – particularly the shops and cinemas that were located in the town’s main streets. Come and remind yourself of how... more information

Chorley Pals and Pubs Exhibition at Astley Hall Farmhouse

Background to the latest exhibition which starts on Friday 3rd February 2017
The Centenary of the Battle of Festubert Exhibition in 2015 involved helping local schools research soldiers killed at the battle of Festubert and this sowed the first seeds for our Pals and Pubs project. Local Historian Adam Cree had already been... more information

“History of Chorley in Lancashire” Exhibition

If Chorley’s heritage means something to you, come and visit the Chorley Heritage Centre in Astley Hall Farmhouse! Open on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and at weekends from 12 noon - 3.30 p.m., the Chorley Heritage Centre’s exhibitions focus on different aspects of Chorley life. This time, in the “History of Chorley in... more information

Botany Bay Canal Fest 2016

Chorley Heritage have teamed up with the Chorley Pals and Pubs project to produce an exhibit at the forthcoming Botany Bay Canal Fest from Sunday 28th-Monday 29th August 2016 to celebrate the 200 years of the Leeds Liverpool Canal. The display boards document the history of Canal Mill (now known as Botany Bay), local pubs, past and present that... more information

Buckshaw Then and Now Exhibition

The Chorley Heritage Centre has recently opened their "Buckshaw Then & Now" exhibition on the first floor at the Astley Hall farmhouse. For further information and images of the exhibition why not visit the exhibition in person or take a look through the images on our Facebook page >>

... more information

Buckshaw Then and Now

The next exhibition at Chorley Heritage Centre, Astley Hall Farmhouse will focus on Buckshaw Then and Now. It will follow the development of the Buckshaw area through its farming past and its use as the site of the Royal Ordnance factory to the present Buckshaw Village. The exhibition will feature an art and history project, work done by Year 5... more information

Forthcoming Exhibition at Chorley Heritage Centre, Astley Hall Farmhouse

From the beginning of February until the end of April, the Heritage Centre’s next exhibition will cover two different aspects of Chorley’s social and business heritage.

The Heritage Group’s own part of the exhibition, entitled “Chorley’s Banks and Building Societies”, includes research done by Heritage Group members, recollections... more information