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St Laurence's Myles Standish Exhibition

A selection of photos from the exhibition at St Lawrence's.

Recent Myles Standish Events Photos

Gathering for Myles Pilgrimage
John Alden, Rose Standish and William Bradford in Drama
Myles Book Distribution
Myles in the Middle St Wilfrid's
The Flower Show

Myles Standish Exhibition

Attached are photos of a Standish Stitchers' woven panel, the 3 rag rugged Standish Stitchers' panels, and Chorley in Bloom's Mayflower. All are were displayed at St. Laurence's - added to our...

Myles Standish 400 Celebrations

Photos from the launch night on 9th November 2019

History of Chorley in Lancashire Exhibition

Images from the History of Chorley in Lancashire Exhibition

Botany Bay Canal Fest 2016

The latest exhibition from Chorley Heritage in conjunction with Chorley Pals and Pubs at Botany Bay from Sunday 28th-Monday 29th August 2016 at their "Canal Fest" to celebrate the 200 years of the...

The Conferring of the Freedom of the Borough on 3 Medical Regiment

Scanned copies of the order of service and council special meeting.

Shepherds' Hall 1894 Jubilee Token

Token commemorating the Jubilee of the Ancient Order of Shepherds' Friendly Society which was quite prominent in Chorley in the late 1800's and early 1900's; this is dated 1894. The Shepherds'...

Eileen Halliday Collection

HAL 001 Image Unknown 1960/70s era. Roy Fisher, in uniform was Sheriff Lancashire and Richard Morris was mayor of Chorley HAL 002 Image Unknown 6 Men in front of Aircraft 1949 Chorley men ready...

Archbishop of York Dr. John Sentamu Visit to Chorley 4th November 2014

Photos of Dr. John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York when he visited St Michael's C of E High School, Astley Road, Chorley