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Shepherds' Hall 1894 Jubilee Token

Token commemorating the Jubilee of the Ancient Order of Shepherds' Friendly Society which was quite prominent in Chorley in the late 1800's and early 1900's; this is dated 1894. The Shepherds'...

Chorley, Market Street 1894

Chorley Market Street

Chorley, Market Street 1904

Chorley, Market Street 1904

Chorley Market

Suggestion -- The structure on the photograph puts me in mind of the largely wooden "theatres" on part of the cattle market that received shows and circuses in late Victorian times- it...

Sir Henry Tate

An industrialist who had made his fortune as a sugar refiner, Henry Tate offered his collection of art to the nation on the condition that a gallery dedicated to British art was built. The son of...