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October Exhibition in Chorley Library

We are currently displaying photographs and information concerning three local families; Sykes, Sharples and Norris in Chorley Library for the month of October.
All the photographs are numbered, so if anyone recognises these people as family members, please get in touch either here or through our Facebook page quoting the number and... more information

The Sykes, the Sharples and the Norris families. Are you descended from these families?

Recently, a lady with Chorley links sent a number of photographs to the Chorley Heritage Group. Not many are named but with the few details we have established the following:

The Sykes Family

John Sykes of Coppull was born in 1874 in Barkisland, near Halifax. He was the son of Ann (MS Wignall) and Joseph Andrew Sykes.

In... more information

Mayors of Chorley

Acknowledged source Chorley BC Website
1881-1883 Augustus William Smethurst
1883-1884 Thomas Anderton
1884-1885 Thomas Whittle
1885-1886 John Heald
1886-1887 Thomas Forrester
1887-1889 Arthur George Leigh
1889-1891 Sir Henry Fleming Hibbert
1891-1893 John... more information

Mystery of Standish Hall Video

A Standish special!

Look at this excellent YOUTUBE video about THE MYSTERY OF STANDISH HALL!!!


Also shown is a photo of the current Chorley... more information

Miles Standish 2020

As 2020 approaches in celebrations of Miles Standish the following video has been produced, which will be of interest to many: -
Other work continues to be carried out by a number of organisations in preparation for... more information

Myles Standish and the Mayflower Commemoration 2020

Please spend a moment to follow the below link and answer our short survey.

Myles Standish was military adviser and companion to the Pilgrim Fathers who sailed to America in 1620. 2020 is... more information

Chorley Heritage Centre Support Group Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
1. The Newsletter editor and the Membership Secretary will have access to contact details for members. These details will be used solely for communicating information to members regarding the meetings, exhibitions and activities of the Chorley Heritage Centre.
2. The list of members and their contact details will be... more information


Here is a riddle; what do the following have in common; perfect vision, a short form of cricket and the four-hundredth anniversary of the sailing of the Pilgrim Fathers in the Mayflower?
Answer; 2020.

Yes, the year 2020 marks the quatercentenary of the Pilgrim Fathers’ arrival in the Mayflower at what is now Massachusetts, USA. On... more information

“Church and the Community in Chorley”

“Church and the Community in Chorley”

Have you or your family been involved in Walking Days, Uniformed Organisations, Church Fund Raising or Celebration Events?

Come and visit the “Church and the Community in Chorley” exhibition, running throughout the summer, at Chorley Heritage Centre, Astley Hall Farmhouse, Astley Park, Chorley... more information

RIP Roy Fisher - former President of Chorley Heritage Support Group

Capt. S Roy Fisher MBE, JP, DL,C St John, B Arch, FRIBA, FRTPI, Past High Sheriff of Lancashire President of The Chorley Gardening Society see Former County Chairman West Lancs Scouts

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