Myles Standish Celebrations Update

Dear Friends We live in strange times. It is only a month ago that I sent you a newsletter listing all the exciting events that were being planned to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower and the part being played in this by Myles Standish. Now within such a short time all this is in a state of flux and for reasons that you all know well we are uncertain as to what can take place and what will have to be cancelled. Some events have already been cancelled. This update therefore is to let you know how things stand at the moment. Astley Hall is closed until the end of April and this may well be extended. This is the venue at which our main exhibition was to have been held. We have the added complication that many of the volunteers who were to supervise this were of an age at which they have to go into isolation possibly for up to 12 weeks. On the plus side we do have a small copy exhibition which could be shown in the Library from late April to end of May. This would not require supervision but we do not know whether the Library would still be open at that time. There may be other venues at which this could be shown. - The Reception Evening planned for 4th April and the Gala Concert planned for 16th May have both been cancelled. - There was an Organ Concert planned for 25th April at St.Laurence’ but the Church is now closed placing this event in jeopardy. - The Little Theatre is currently closed so we do not know if the American Musical will take place. - We do not know whether the two Town Hall events – the Big Band Dance on 4th July and Lancs County Youth Band and Choirs on 18th July will be able to take place. So as you can see there are many mights and maybes but the future of this project is uncertain. We will do all we can to let you know what is happening as the months progress. Until then, keep safe. Paul Turner, News Editor –
Further update
- The Myles Standish Golf Trophy planned for 6th June is cancelled.
- The major event planned for American Independence Day (July 4th) including a Pageant and live entertainment is also cancelled.
-  It is unlikely that the planned coach tours will take place.