CHCSG Constitution as adopted Wed 30th Nov 2011

Chorley Heritage Centre Support Group
1.  That this voluntary association be named the Chorley Heritage Centre Support Group

2.  That this association be open to all adults. Active volunteers under 18 years of age to be associate  members.

3. The aim of the association shall be to promote the preservation of Chorley’s heritage, with a particular objective of establishing a heritage centre at the very kernel of the town. “Chorley” will be interpreted as the whole modern borough. It is a particular objective to involve the community of Chorley in our work and to provide enrichment and educational experiences for our school students.

Committee Structure:

4. The officers of the association shall be a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and others in functional roles made apparent to the committee.

5. The society shall be governed by the officers and a committee of not more than five additional persons. At least 5 persons, of  which  2 are officers, will be necessary for a quorum.

6. The Chair and eight other committee members, to be nominated by two members prior to or at the commencement of  business, will be elected by secret ballot of members at the first annual general meeting. The committee will appoint officers, other than the Chair, from their number at their first meeting. There will be votes by secret ballot for ties. The Chair (once elected) has a casting vote, as on all issues put to a vote.  A third of committee members will retire after one years service, a third after two years and the final third after three. The length of service  will be decided by a drawing of lots. A retiring committee member may stand for re-election. At elections subsequent to the first election of a committee all terms will be for three years.


7. The first annual general meeting should follow  a publicised open launch meeting when membership will be invited.

8. Prior to the first election of a committee, the Group will be run by a steering committee formed of the first associates.

9. At least 4 committee meetings, to be called by the Chair, will take place between annual general meetings.

10. The  committee may invite a notable supporter to become President for a two year term  ( unless 75% of members voting at a general or special meeting wish to  terminate their holding of the role) and two others to be vice-presidents ( for a renewable term of two years).

11.  In the event of any officer or member of the committee resigning during the term of office, the committee may invite another member to fill the vacancy (with full rights) until the next annual general meeting. The committee may also co-opt an additional member, to serve one year terms, by a majority vote at any committee meeting, pending approval at the next annual general  meeting.

12. The committee may appoint sub-committees for a specific purpose, their terms and membership to be reviewed annually by the first committee meeting subsequent to an annual general meeting.

Finance and Membership:

13. The finances of the society shall be held in two bank/building society accounts- a current account maintained at a level sufficient to meet annual planned expenses and an  interest- earning savings account for all other money.

14. The Treasurer will pay into the accounts and, in conjunction with one of another two officers named by the committee, have the power of expenditure.

15. People wishing to become members may do so on lodging with the enrolling officer a membership form and an annual subscription of £10 (£15 a couple, £5 normal concessions), due at the annual general meeting. Members joining at a point other than an agm will pay a proportionate fee. Prospective members may request a month’s “trial period”.

16. Any member wishing to resign may do so on giving written notice to the Secretary and any person being six months in arrears with his or her subscription shall cease to be a member.

17. The accounts of the year (ending 5th Aprilt) shall be inspected (at least two weeks) before the Annual Meeting and the examiners shall be two members specially elected for that purpose. The accounts will then be professionally audited. Accounts and agm minutes will be made available to the members.

General Provisions:

18. The  Secretary will arrange insurance adequate to cover third parties at open meetings.

19. Annual general meetings subsequent to the inaugural one shall take place each year for the election of Chair and committee, the passing of accounts, the receiving of officers’ reports and for such business as the members present may desire.

20. No alteration or amendment of these rules shall be made except at the annual general meeting or at a special general meeting called by the committee (and approved by a majority of all committee members) responding to an unforeseen eventuality. Notification of proposed amendments must be in writing to the Secretary at least two weeks prior to an agm or special meeting. Any constitutional change will require a two thirds majority of those members present.

21. When property is acquired (ownership or rental) the committee will move to the formation of a charitable trust and company limited by guarantee. The personnel forming the trust will be committee members willing to serve, not disqualified and approved by a special general meeting.

22. The Group may be dissolved only be resolution of a 75% majority at an annual or special general meeting. Any remaining funds will be preserved for three years ( in the hope of  a reawakening) by three trustees nominated by the meeting and then distributed to groups with aims amicable to the heritage of Chorley.

13/9/11  Draft 5

CHCSG Constitution as adopted Wed 30th Nov 2011